The Myths of Standardized Tests

For those who ask about test and are worried if kids do not take test.  Here are some thoughts.

It’s an Emergency!

The authors believe that our schools are under attack by the tests that continue to seep into our schools. They sap the energy and enthusiasm of educators and drain the life from children’s learning.  Some of the motivation is commercial and some is caused by “the tyranny of good intentions.” In this book they hope to persuade you of their case and arm you with some basic understanding of standardized tests and the mythical assumptions that underlie them that are used to make policy and drive practice. The lives of our children and our future is at stake. Our schools do have problems, but they won’t be fixed by another truckload of test scores.

Check out the rest of The Myths of Standardized Tests – Why They Don’t Tell You What You Think They Do.


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