Papa.. Mama… can you play with me?

So are you going to play? What will it be?

Playing..... lion dance

Are you going :

a. try to figure out why you cannot play?

b. cannot find time to play?

c. refuse to play?

d. really don’t know how to play?

e. just let your children lead you in their play and join in!

*note: we are NOT referring to playing computer games

Whatever excuse(s) you may have or want to have, do remember PLAY is not something to do with WORDS and LOGIC.  It is also not a chore or duty. Over the years of working with parents and children, we truly believe there are those who really CANNOT and don’t know how to play. They have never played. Their parents probably have not played with them before.

Whatever the reason(s) maybe, being parents means to STOP take a step back reflect and make effort to:

a. not repeat the negative of the previous generation; and,

b. develop positive relationships and make a difference for the future.

Let’s not get caught aimlessly in this samsaric cycle of blind following. We have also told newly married couple not to have children if you are not ready. Imagine homeschooling with no play – staying at home

Parenting is tough work. Lives will be affected.  That is why we strongly believe that we adults need to get in touch with our childhood again, so that we connect with our “original self” which we left behind in assuming our adult roles. Play is the reflection of this reconnection with ourselves.

Ready to connect yet?

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